Logo Implementation

I decided to move forward with branding my web site and future YouTube channel with the logo I showed on my Logos. I chose to use web fonts rather than a static image that would need to be resized.

One advantage to using Granular BRK and Zypherean BRK in my logo is that they are open source fonts. Therefore I can use a program such as Transfonter to export them into different formats for use on my site.

The primary application for Transfonter was to create a web font package that contains only the subset of characters I need from each typeface to reproduce my logo. Here’s a size comparison of packages of the optimized versus entire type face:

Typeface Format Complete (kB) Subset (kB) Savings
Granular BRK Embedded Open Type (EOT) 42.8 9.4 33.4 78.04%
TrueType (TTF) 42.6 9.1 33.5 78.64%
Web Open Format (WOFF) 20.7 5.5 15.2 73.43%
Web Open Format 2 (WOFF2) 7.9 4.1 3.8 48.1%
Zypherean BRK Embedded Open Type (EOT) 20.7 8.3 12.4 54.9%
TrueType (TTF) 20.5 8.3 12.2 59.51%
Web Open Format (WOFF) 10.0 4.9 5.1 51%
Web Open Format 2 (WOFF2) 7.9 4.0 3.9 49.37%
TOTALS 173.1 53.6 119.5 69.04%

Nice Idea, Not There Yet

After several attempts, I need to put this on the back-burner in favor of other work. For the moment, I’m using a Base64-encoded version of the two logo typefaces in a stylesheet which means that when you load my site, it’s delivering two files that contain a combination of WOFF, WOFF2, and TTF data for a total of 21 kB for Granular and 18.1 kB for Zypherean, hardly the model of efficiency I was planning. These files will eventually be smaller when I get around to configuring my web server to use compressed files. In the meantime, sorry it’s a bit slow loading.